marți, 10 septembrie 2013

Cand oamenii nu mai stiu ce e ratiunea

Ca sa vedeti cine e madame Mira Iordanescu va las mai jos un comentariu facut , bineinteles in limba engleza caci doamna Iordanescu nu stie a vorbi romaneste(sic) la un articol aparut in ziarul Gandul despre sutele de persoane muscate de caini.Aceasta doamna se da de ceasul mortii in spatiul virtual sa faca cum o face sa ne creeze o imagine de criminali .
Mira Pantazopol Iordanescu · Top Commenter · School of Hard Knocks, University of Life
AND SO WHAT? Now you think that ONLY in Romania, animals bite people? And besides, yes, those bitten by their own animals did not HAVE TO GO for a vaccine, did they? Aren't they supposed to have their animals VACCINATED? And how about those "bitten" by stray dogs? Isn't it TRUE that people get FREE vaccines IF they say that they were bitten by stray dogs? And how about the MOTIF they were bitten? Dogs do not bite UNLESS PROVOKED...Give me a STARTED A MANIPULATIVE CAMPAIGN against stray dogs, to INCITE HATE against them and their protectors....WTH is this? DO you know how many people are bitten EVERY YEAR in North America? over 2 million....and the media does not make such a FUSS about it....only in very tragic circumstances...IDIOTS....and how about those numbers being " exaggerated" it is very well known that Romanians tend to "add" numbers here and there....SHAME ON YOU...How about an article showing HOW MANY PEOPLE DIED on the roads because of negligent drivers? Or in your own hospitals because of LACK of proper care, medication, etc?
Adica si ce daca i-a muscat? Ce mare chestie !!!???

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